No, a juvenile record is not a criminal conviction, even if you were "found guilty" in juvenile court. In Illinois, you cannot be convicted of a crime in juvenile court, because juvenile court is separate from (adult) criminal court.

If a job application asks you about criminal convictions, you should not reveal your juvenile record. If you think a job has seen your juvenile record, contact the Juvenile Expungement Help Desk at 312-229-6359.

Remember that free legal help is available to help you complete the process! Use it! To petition for juvenile expungement, you will need to:

  1. Get a copy of your RAP sheet
  2. Fill out a petition form
  3. Submit your petition to the appropriate court

You can pick it up at the juvenile expungement help desk. Click here for instructions.

It costs $124 to expunge a single arrest, plus an extra $64 for each additional arrest - this includes filing fees (to the court) and the expungement fee (to the IL state police). However, many people qualify for a fee waiver that makes expungement free.

Usually, a court date is scheduled about 1.5 months from the petition date. After a judge approves the petition on the court date, it takes about 2 months for the police to erase records. So, 3.5 months total. If necessary, expungement can be expedited to about 2.5 months total.

Whether your petition is approved is up to the judge. However, in the past, almost all petitions have been approved.

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